LGV training is the most anticipated course in the UK right now as we all know the country is going through the shortage of skilled drivers at the moment. To help you get your CAT C1 licence in the first attempt, we have designed a HGV driver training course where you learn each and everything you need in order to become a success in the transport and logistics industry. Our LGV driver training is extensive and effective and has been popular among all ages of people.

Overview of the LGV/HGV Driver Training

Our HGV training is a combination of both; theory and practical so that we cover all aspects of the heavier vehicle being on the road. To get your CAT C licence you need to pass an assessment with great results to prove that you are safe to and authorised to handle the vehicle. We teach you everything from coupling and decoupling of the trailer with the vehicle to reversing and minor fixes that are needed from time to time. In short, we prepare you for the many HGV jobs that are to come your way in the future.

Job Opportunities & Career Prospects

The manufacturing industries don’t stop producing, the population always only increases and with those things, so do the demands of the country and people. To secure the infrastructure of the country the government and many agencies have created thousands of HGV jobs in order to meet the requirements of the people. These employers always require drivers who are trained through LGV driver training so that they can increase their profits which results in better pay scales. As a HGV driver you can work with any organization you like, as everyone has a transportation need these days.

Finance & Course Funding Options

We don’t let finances get in the way if you have set your mind to go for the HGV training. For your ease, we offer our students a 0% interest rate loan option where they can start their training without paying and pay once they are done. Because of this our students are able to concentrate a 100% on their training and pass the test in the first attempt. We help our students find rewarding HGV jobs so that they can start off on the right foot and continue with the experience they got from their first HGV job.